Why Go(Lang) Made Me More Productive

Go is a programming language developed at Google, it appeared in 2009. Go is a minimalist, statically typed, compiled language. It compiles to native code for most of the major OS platforms. Of the two things, I enjoy the most about being a Software Engineer are, coding, and learning. I try to learn new programming languages at a rate of 1 every one or two years. My method for learning is by actually using the language in practical projects. [Read More]

Chapi Go Toy Web Framework

On my quest of learning I heard about this relatively new language called go. I don’t remember well the details of why I had the desire of learning it, but as I normally do in order to learn a new language or tool, I write code to test the features and get an overview of what I can accomplish using it and… I also read the first chapters of this book: Programing in go

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Managing your JavaScript Dependencies with RequireJS

RequireJS is a module loader for JavaScript. RequiresJS is based on the AMD (Asyncronous Module Definition) API specification, which provides a mechanism for defining and consuming modules. When you require or use a module, it will be retrieved asynchronously and cached at the time you need it, that improves performance since you don’t need to load all your dependencies (JavaScript files) at the same time.

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Node.js Modeshape REST Client


Modeshape is an hierarchical data store written in Java and is part of the JBoss portfolio . ModeShape clients are based on JSR 283 also known as JCR (Java Content Repository). There’s another popular implementation of JCR called Jackrabbit, part of the Apache Software Foundation.

Content Repositories such ModeShape are great for data organized in a tree like structure such Content Management Systems, Digital Assets Managers, Document Management Systems, Social Collaboration Systems etc.

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